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Cash Supply Chain,

Cash Processing and

Cash Managment

infoFor a long time experts have predicted the fall of cash, but we continue to use banknotes and coins on a daily basis.

Currently, more than 80% of the world’s consumer payments originate in cash.

Automated teller machines (ATMs) and other technologies make cash easily available to customers. For retail banks, however, the cost and complexity of operating these technologies continues to rise across the entire cash supply chain – from holding, counting and validating cash to processing, transporting and protecting it.

In fact, the worldwide cost of handling cash already exceeds $300 billion.

AdaptiveCash makes cash processing and managing easier, faster, cheaper, and extends list of qualitative cash services.

Cash Supply Chain

Today, retail banks and other financial organizations need new methods to reduce their costs and improve efficiency. One good way to adopt a fresh perspective is by looking at how leading consumer business organizations efficiently move goods through their supply chains.

By thinking of cash as goods, retail banks can apply proven consumer business strategies to reduce excess inventory, lower handling, and processing costs, improve operating efficiency and optimize their network of ATMs. More critically, banks that manage their cash supply chain more effectively can also improve productivity and better position themselves to compete in the marketplace.

AdaptiveCash is the way to convert cash into goods and to build your own automatize Cash Supply Chain environment.

Products Family

Our products family covers all steps of cash supply chain and more

aCASH Consumer Portal

  • cash orders and deposits
  • document management
  • orders monitoring
  • orders history
  • money in the safe control (limits control)

aCASH Bank Branch

  • operational cash desk automation
  • cash orders and deposits

aCASH Logistics

  • teams management
  • routes management
  • control the delivery to the destination points
  • cash in transit process control

aCASH Logistics Mobile

  • same time credit
  • cash pre-processing

aCASH Processing

  • cash validation
  • banknotes and coins recalculation
  • cash-centers monitoring
  • transportation to/from the vault

aCASH Vault

  • vault management
  • vault limits control

aCASH Billing

Ready to use billing platform

aCASH Analisys

Powerful analytics platform

Strong Points

Adaptability – our key advantage

Adaptable to existing equipment

No need to replace the existing cash-counters and other equipment in Cash Center

Adaptable to existing workflow

No need to change the well-established processes and workflow in the company

Adaptable to existing IT infrastructure

Due to flexibility and versatility of the AdaptiveCash, it can be seamlessly integrated into the company’s existing IT infrastructure

Adaptable to each other

All the components of the AdaptiveCash family can operate as either a stand-alone solution or be seamlessly integrated with each other

Adaptable to the high-load

AdaptiveCash was designed to work in the high-load environment

Adaptable over time

More than 5 years uptime